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(Thanks to a message sent to me by Chuck Fry via Facebook – I’ve copied this as I thought it was an excellent article, thanks Chuck)

You’re not alone, many of us sit in front of a blank screen wondering what to write. At times we just seem to be at a loss for good content. You might know what you want to write about but you still can’t get started because you don’t:

-        think you have enough to write about
-        believe you are enough of an expert to write about the topic
-        have enough extra facts to make the article interesting
-        think you have the ability.

……. or maybe you are just stuck and scared!

When they first begin writing content for the web, most people get stuck and/or scared. Face it, what you write and post is going to be accessible to everyone on the internet. Don’t let that bother you. Expert online writer, David Meerman Scott says, “It’s OK to be a dork online.”

Yes, David says that everyone is a dork at some time or other. So, don’t worry about it! Just start writing.

Ways To Get Content For Your Website:

You don’t have to write 100% of your article yourself. You only have to add some of your own words. A lot of what is out there on the internet already is recycled and rehashed material. Its just been presented from thousands of viewpoints. The author has taken articles that have already been written and added something of value to the MLM community and republished it. With that in mind, here are a few ways to get content for your blog or social media:

You could write your own stuff. Capitalize on those moments when you are inspired to write something. Maybe you just learned a great tip or procedure from your weekly teleconference call or industry guru. If you are learning a new advertising or sponsoring skill, write about that. If it is something about network marketing that can help someone else, it is a valid topic to write about.

Comment on another person’s stuff. If you have read something someone else has written on the industry, write about it. You can paraphrase what you have read and write your own content along with it. Just make sure to give credit for other people’s stuff and follow guidelines from the site you get your material from.

Write a report on an e-Book or another report you’ve read. If you have an e-Book or report you’ve read that is good, write a blog post about it. Maybe you’ve seen a great YouTube video posted by another network marketer on talking to prospects. Write a report about it. Write a pros and cons report presenting the good and bad things mentioned in the material. Pull something out of a book like ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olsen and write about that.

Interview an MLM heavy hitter. Write down the questions you would most like to know the answer to and put them to your favourite MLM winner. You don’t have to rely on just people in your company or system. Achievers from other companies and systems are usually happy to provide information. You can write to them. Explain what you are doing and present them with your questions. You will be surprised at the number of them who will write you back with the information you requested. Again, always give credit for anything you use of another person’s.

Put a list in your article. If you have a list in your article or blog post you increase your chance of it being read. Lists are easy to read. Write top 10 lists, for example, top MLM resources; top MLM books and top MLM companies.

Republish e-zine articles. You can republish articles on Just remember, you have to copy and paste the whole article, including any links. You can add a paragraph before the article to introduce it and a paragraph after the article to summarize.

Well, I hope this helps you to get started. I think you will be pleasantly surprise what you can do with writing if you just concentrate on it and follow a few guidelines. Good luck! I hope to be reading your articles real soon.

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