Tuesday, 8 March 2011

No, it's not illegal!!!

No, it’s not illegal!!!

There some things that you just cannot let go off ……  and I had one happen to me over the weekend. As most of you know and many of you on here are network marketers, multi level marketers, home based business people.  So that's that it is in the open.  I am not trying to hide anything from anybody.  Let's get back to my weekend burn.

I was speaking to a couple of people that had requested information about my company and the lady says to me "That's illegal isn't it?"

I said ‘No it is not illegal, you do it every day’.

She said (quite indignantly)  ‘Oh no I don't, that would be immoral and unethical’.  

I said ‘Ma'am are you kidding me. Of course you do it every day AND we all do it we just don't get paid for it. You tell people about the good meal at a restaurant, good deals at the grocery store, good deals at Asda/Walmart, Tesco, Home Depot, Dillards, Publix, beauty shop, barber shop and I could go on and on. Any time you tell someone else about a product, a place or a service you have just performed NETWORK MARKETING, but did you get PAID to do so - most likely not.  Can you not use more money? I know that the most people aren’t doing well in the financial stakes at the moment.  Now think about this ….. I don't do AMWAY, I know people who do but you have to respect the COMPANY – they started out in the 1950's under major ridicule.  They persevered and today they are a GLOBAL Company.  Another global networking company is AVON Cosmetics which I am sure you have all heard of – they are the number one cosmetics company in the world.

I am getting off the soap box but before I go I want to say this:

Folks if someone approaches you about a home business – that is a compliment …… because the professionals do not approach everyone.

Just listen to their program you may like it …… because we just agreed that we all can use more $$$$$.  But can always say NO if you are inclined to but remember this is called NETWORKING which you already do for free, so why not get paid to do it.

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