Monday, 14 March 2011


Firstly, I will apologise for writing about out company, as normally I don’t do that, I just write articles about things connected with business, things that might be useful for any sort of business, not just for network marketing.

Well, last week we had a fantastic webinar from our company.  We had been waiting for some news for about two weeks but due to legal reasons the information could not be released – but when it was, oh boy!!!!  Did we get a huge surprise. 

Our CEO, Mike Butler is a very softly spoken gentleman normally, but even he was excited about the announcement he was about to make.  He started the company as a tribute to his brother, who passed away over ten years ago, leaving no provision for his family.  Mike wanted to create something that would benefit people in many ways and enable them to leave provisions for their family when they pass.  Over the past ten years, he has looked at many business plans and models, and eventually created ReferLife.  When it was first created, he just had a basic plan of earning money, but didn’t have a product to put through the system.  In 2010, whilst on holiday, he came across a naturopathic health aid, originally in the form of a disc, but which he transformed into a simple band to wear around the wrist or ankle. 

This band had been changing lives since he released them onto the market due to it helping to relieve all difference kinds of pains.  Personally, I've had no pains from my fibromyalgia problems since I started wearing mine.  A colleague of mine had problems in her head over ten years ago and has suffered with head pains ever since due to the nerve endings trying to re-join together.  They have been much worse than normal headaches or migraines at times as well, but yet again, since wearing her wristband, these pains have stopped.  There are many more stories like these, some of which are given in a conference call that we recorded and added to YouTube ( – obviously with it being a conference call, there is no video/pictures, just the information given on the call from several people.

Mike’s vision was to change people’s lives in many ways, and this is exactly what he is doing.  Firstly because we buy a health band when we sign up, it is changing the health of people, getting rid of pains can be a huge boost to their morale too, we are also sleeping better when the pains have gone.  A life free from pain changes your whole outlook on your life and everything.  Secondly, the business is creating wealth for the people who work in it, maybe it is starting slowly, maybe it will work fast, but in the longer term, it will be earning people a decent living on a regular basis. 

Thirdly and probably best of all, through donating about 10% of the company income, ReferLife is changing the lives of children throughout the world, and as more people come on board in the primary business, then more money will be donated to this charity.  In the first week of business, nearly $2000 was raised.  The amount of money is rising and donations are being put to good use.  Some of the projects we will be helping with are community projects such as schools and fresh water for areas that need them.

With all these fantastic things already going for the business, Mike then announced on the webinar that he has been able to adjust the business entry fee and it now cost NOTHING TO JOIN OUR BUSINESS!!  It’s now FREE TO JOIN – what can be better than that.  From there you are able to have use of the video emailing system as well as access to several income streams, a video of a seminar given by the world renowned Jack Zufelt (author of The DNA to Success) and many more things.  If you want to join for free and lock your place in this payment system, just click on the link below and it will take you to our website.

Heather Reid
Working towards helping ordinary people live extra ordinary lives

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