Monday, 31 January 2011


I was fortunate to have been in the company of several professional networkers a few months ago and I learned several very valuable lessons to improve your business.  One of the main ones I learned about was that whatever you do - DO IT DAILY.  That doesn't mean 4 days a week. It means EVERY SINGLE DAY, seven days a week.

Let’s look at this in a real time situation.  You maybe work as an employee for part of your day or have home / personal commitments. That's ok, no-one can be expected to give up paid work in the hope of earning $100k in their first month of a home business.  What you need to do is set aside a number of hours when you are going to work for yourself - and COMMIT to them.  You may only be able to spare 2 to 3 hours each day, or it maybe that you only have 45 mins on some days but can spare 4 hours on others.  Whatever you decide, work on those times.  Work to a weekly schedule if you want, varying the number of hours each day, but try and average at least 15-20 hours to work for yourself, anything less will make it harder for you as it will take longer for you to become successful. 

Once you begin doing this week after week after week after week, you will start to see improvements in your business.  It might only be small ones to begin with, but the more you do it the more experienced you will become and the percentage of successes to the time you spend working will grow.

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