Saturday, 8 January 2011

Welcome to my Blog

Hello and welcome to my new blog page. Over the coming weeks I will be posting several articles which I hope might be useful to you and your business.

My Background

For many years my husband Bob and myself have been in and around the network marketing profession.  I say 'in and around' as sometimes we have actively worked with companies, but sometimes just stayed with companies to have the best products without working a bad commission plan.  We stayed with one company for around twenty years, for the first year or so trying to work the plans (yes, they changed it several times) and eventually decided that with all the changes, nothing was working, so just bought products from them.  Over the years, we have looked at many companies, some we've joined, most rejected for a variety of reasons.  One thing we have found though is that nearly all network marketing companies produce superior products to those found in retail outlets.

I am now beginning to look seriously at working better on the internet and working with two companies.  Our main income is from a networking company but we also earn another stream of income from a company who train people on working on the internet, showing you how to link various pages together eg linking Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc via one page, so I can post once and it posts in all my social pages.  While posting in this blog, I will also be updating you on which programmes I've linked to and posting my profile links if you wish to follow me on any of these programmes.

I hope you will enjoy reading the information I will be posting in future.

Heather Reid
Working to improve other people's lives

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